Old Salts and Assorted Spies was originally intended as a way for folks who met and trained in the Navy Intelligence Reserves to stay in contact through emails, meetings, trips, and reunions. If you were a drilling reservist, a TAR, or even a USN member with connections to the Navy Reserves, you are more than welcome here.

Welcome Aboard, Shipmates!

 And to clarify the above statement, here is Article III of the original Constitution:

    Article III

Purposes and Objectives
The Association for Old Salts and Assorted Spies shall operate as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to provide a social and recreational organization for retirees of the United States Navy Reserve Intelligence Command (NRIC) and the former Naval Reserve Intelligence Program (NRIP). A secondary objective will be to support the mission and objectives of the NRIC and the current Reserve Intelligence Areas (RIAs). The primary purposes of this Association are:
1. To foster and strengthen a spirit of loyalty and camaraderie among retirees of the United States Navy Reserve Intelligence Command and former Naval Reserve Intelligence Program.
2. To provide and coordinate a reunion and associated business meeting.
3. To foster local chapters of retired intelligence reservists throughout the United States and its Territories.
4. To provide private support for those programs to improve morale, welfare, retention, and recognition of individual members and units of the NRIC.