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The Association for Old Salts and Assorted Spies is a Reunion group of retired US Navy Reservists and civilian staff from the former US Naval Reserve Intelligence Program (NRIP) and the current US Navy Reserve Intelligence Command (NRIC) located at NAS JRB, Fort Worth, TX.  The group is open to all retired Reservists and civilian employees through out the world who were assigned at some time to a Unit in or in support of the NRIC or NRIP.  The Association is also open upon request to other non Intelligence Reservist Retirees from all services who want to associate with the Associate Memberships are extended to active drilling Reservists and civilians working in the NRIC.

Not only is the Old Salts and Assorted Spies a reunion group of men and women who want to maintain friendships made while actively serving their country in the US Navy Reserve, but a group who want to maintain the history of the NRIC and DNRIP while continuing support for the NRIC.

The Old Salts and Assorted Spies Welcome all Visitors to our Reunion Group Web Site!

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Reunion Group of Retired US Navy Intelligence Reservists